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I recently came across some Handspun Antique Hemp Nightgowns – I now know why Pot is illegal

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My fiancee deals in antiques & I help him on the side. I went to an estate sale & purchased a bunch of handspun cloth nightgowns from the 1820s/30s era. The woman at the sale was telling me about the process of how the woman made the cloth from hemp & showing me the beautiful tiny details of their work.

There was not a hole in ANY of the fifteen I purchased. They were thick & sturdy. I brought them home & gently washed them with some oxyclean & put a little fabric softner in with them. They came out white & beautiful.

I was awe-struck. I have always known, intectually, that hemp was suppossed to make great clothing & it has a million & one other uses as well. But, it wasn’t until I put my hands on these nearly 200 YEAR OLD pieces of fabric that I realized why industry would want to fight this plant. It lasts, if not forever, then for a couple of life-times or more. How on earth would they be able to generate profit, if we weren’t wearing holes in our Chinese factory made clothing every two weeks? And, of course, this is a plant that anyone could grow, it is a WEED. If it was used as fuel source (as I was told it would be a excellent use for…), how would they ever profiteer once the average person figured out how to make hemp oil, or each local community had a grower who would supply the fuel. Where would the oil billionaires be?

It is absolutely CRIMINAl that this plant is illegal. How DARE they take away such a valuable resource that could provide such benefit for people & the earth, at a low cost?

I have always been for the full legalization of Marijuana. Now, I think I will be more then for it, I will become a advocate & activist. And, I am going to start carrying one of the nightgowns in my car for show & tell. I am convinced, if people saw what this would do first hand, the laws would be demanded to change.


October 29, 2007 - Posted by | Vices


  1. I could agree with you but i’ve seen the down side to this drug maybe a responsible adult as your self could use it in a responsable manner but i know many people who can’t. If the gonvernment was able to use it for it’s benifits and still keep it illegal to the general public then i could stand behind you on this one.

    Comment by martin | August 11, 2009 | Reply

    • She is speaking on behalf of marijuana not drugs in particular. There are many downsides to other drugs they have no use but marijuana has many uses. Not just to Smoke

      Comment by Austinp | March 11, 2012 | Reply

  2. well martin, everything comes at a cost. The real reason it was ever made illegal is because they thought it was causeing a rise in crimes in lower class and imagrents (sorry i cant spell). They tried to tax it and make it so you had to have a licens to make and sell it but becuase people were not getting the licens and paying the taxes they say to hell with it. One reason they also made it illegal was the moive ‘Reffer maddness.’ I am for legalizoning it on any stander because its better then alchol or tobaco.
    No one have ever died for pot and there are many other uses for marijuna besides smoking it. Heck you can make a great burning fuel for cars that are better for the envorment and is easier to make.
    Plus we put about $7.5 billion on putting people in jail for it. If you make it legal you can save that, then tax it like alchol and tobaco and gain another $7.5 billion. And if we want to go creap, all the people in jail for growing it, Have them be hiried to make it legally.

    Comment by Mickal | October 29, 2009 | Reply

  3. i love MaryJane

    Comment by kbaby | December 16, 2009 | Reply

  4. I read some where that marijuana acts like a filter for the air and takes in the carbinoxid and makes the air pure that one full grown plant does the job that it would take a 100 trees to do. From what I’ve read the whole plant can help all mankind, it would be the end to our goverments short fall on all our diforcits.. more people back to work,new industrysall the money our countrys needs to buld our futher.Nows the time to rize up and take our place as a leadder in this an end to the old way and a beginning to the new ways to green

    Comment by Bert | January 12, 2010 | Reply

  5. Every time I read some thing elce is going to be taken away school fundings, teachers are lossing there jobs the jobs they trained for went to school for and now will be added to the employment line with the rest of us.I read all the time where our goverment is spending 5 billoin hear or there. Now they want to make us wait longer to retire making it 69 until we can if there is any thing left that is.Ameraca Wake up!!!!Why are we in sach bad shape?Well we ve shipped most of our industrey over seas it can be none cheeper there.Now most of the jobs are gone we need new intustrey new jobs. Where in a fix any ways with the ozone being so oil soked we could sure use so filters to clean up that problem, but that alone would not be enough we need to start cleanning now!!!We could use a new fuel that wont pollute our air.Were lossing our money paying for the war, but if we brought our troops home where would they go to work? Man wouldent that make the employment line longer! The answer is right befor our eyes and yet we cant see it some would say noo way some would think differntly if they only knew! {Marijuna} Oh sure you say just anther pot freek! NO!!Stop looking at this with a closed mind Start looking at it with Idea that it could solve all this think 2x4s and every other thing that can be made with wood can be made better with Marijuna houses would last pretty much forever. Fuels to run cars and heat our homes and even to cook not only with but in.Cloths would last hundreds of years just like our homes. it dont stop there Boats, cars, just think no more rusty cars and it is healthy. So what some will smoke it and pay tax but the tax that all the rest that pot is good for will generate more then enough to cover every thing were leting go now were lossing now becouse there isent enough money to go around Think about it People!!!! Bert

    Comment by Bert | November 11, 2010 | Reply

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