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Everyone that knows me, knows that I have no problem downloading songs from the Internet. Today is no different from any other day. My 4.2Gb download (via bittorrent) of the John PeelFestive 50” Years 1976 through 1991 is now complete. Holy crap! It’s my formative years all over again. Some highlights are as follow…

Smash It Up – The Damned

Teenage Kicks – The Undertones

Where’s Captain Kirk – Spizz Energi

EMI – The Sex Pistols

Twenty Four Hours – Joy Division

The Hanging Garden – The Cure

Poppa’s Got A Brand New Pig Bag – Pig Bag

Man, there is some good shit! This has me asking. In my lifetime, I have seen the 8-track, the vinyl album, the cassette and the CD. If I have bought a retail copy of an album in one format or another, am I entitled to download a copy of said album in digital format using a shareware program for free? I can honestly say that I have ATLEAST 1/2 of the music from today’s downloaded collection on vinyl or cassette. Keep in mind that I collect vinyl and that hearing some of these songs will get me hitting the vinyl shops around Toronto to locate them. This is where it gets confusing. I shop at USED record shops. Which is worse? Grabbing an album from the Internet for free, or buying a used copy of it from a 2nd hand shop? Why are the RIAA and CRIA not going after used record shops, and yet keep trying their hardest to invoke DRM (Digital Rights Media) into anything they can get their hands on? Did you know that some (OK, one) companies actually have a program on their audio CDs that install into your computer when the CD is played on your computer? Look into it.

I can just picture it now. “The RIAA and CRIA go after Goodwill and The Salvation Army for selling 2nd hand albums”.


November 7, 2007 - Posted by | Downloading Rights

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