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Web 2.0 (and how I lost the war)


Web 2.0 definition from Wikipedia.

Web 2.0 refers to a perceived second generation of web-based communities and hosting services— such as social-networking and folksonomies — which aim to facilitate creativity, collaboration and sharing between users.”

If you’re reading this, you are Web 2.0. You’re reading a blog of someone that some of you may, or may not know. According to my blog stats, most of you don’t know me. If you’re on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube OR listen to podcasts, you’re Web 2.0. In my opinion, and mine alone, if you Google someone’s name, you’re Web 2.0. Wait… most people actually Google their own name atleast once a year, just to see what’s out there on themselves. Once again… Web 2.0.

Do you know the names Amber MacArthur? Leo Laporte? Jimmy Wales? Mark Zuckerberg? Tom Anderson? Tay Zonday? Most of you won’t recognize these names, but they are either proponents of Web 2.0, actual creators of Web 2.0 content or stars of (viral) Web 2.0 content.

Most people (and when I say most, that is my opinion) hear of sites like FB and MS from friends that are already on such sites. “I’ll wall you later” has replaced “see you later” in most social circles. This is a reference to writing a public “note” for everyone to see on, yet again, said pages.

Late last year, 2006, I discovered MySpace through my then 15 year old niece. I was curious as to what the site was all about and decided to give it a go. For once, I used my real name and stats and was honest about everything that was asked about me to fill my profile. Early this year, I discovered Facebook through the same niece that took me to MySpace. I liked FB better due to the fact that only people on Facebook could search for me, unlike MySpace which anyone using a search engine could find me. I thought I was in social heaven and started using it every day to communicate with people. It eventually replaced e-mailing and was my sole means of communication. Why not? I was able to search for people that I had lost contact with long ago, and was curious as to what they’ve been doing since then. Hell, I even started a group on Facebook that currently has 171 people. It was easy to get that many people. All I had to do was make a group aimed at those that graduated from my high school between the years 1988-1991. Word of mouth (or in this case, invitations) got the ball rolling. Everyone was happy and were able to find people that they hadn’t seen or talked to in years. Until….

I found out very quickly that some people still hold grudges from years and years ago. I have no problem admitting that I am 37 years old and left my HS in 1989. It has been more than 18 years since we were all together. A lot of the conversations I had with my “reconnected friends” revolved around topics and situations that occurred nearly two decades ago. In short, none of us really knew what to say. I had almost 200 “friends” that I hadn’t seen, talked to or even thought about in years. I felt that I had to rush home to see what was going on with people that I really didn’t even care about in the first place. Add in my drinking and I was never away from my computer for more than 20 minutes while my wife sat alone wondering if she was going to get any of my attention at all.

This brings me to my question. Is Web 2.0 OK for anyone? Is everyone (or should I say “anyone”) ready for Web 2.0? Do you want everyone to know your shit? Would you like your “friends” knowing your every move?

Don’t get me wrong. I took the whole Facebook thing WAY too far. I used it more than the average person and can not get back that time that in my opinion, was wasted. Just in case you didn’t notice, I now have a blog to report on every day or so. A friend of mine asked “What the hell is the difference? You’re still putting up your personal shit for everyone to see”. Good point. In my opinion though, if you’re reading this right now, it’s your choice to do so. You may or may not choose to comment (although I really wish you would). It’s here, and it will remain here for you to read at your leisure. I won’t be checking to see who has visited and getting pissed at the fact that certain people haven’t read it in a while. I won’t be getting into conversations like “Hey, remember that time in Mr.Spring’s class when I puked?”. This is something that I am more than happy with. It let’s me express my opinions to ANYONE THAT WANTS TO HEAR THEM. In a way, it’s therapeutic for me to be able to relay info that I may find interesting. It also gives me a chance to post some neat things from around the ‘net. Once again, your prerogative as to view or not to view.

Some very useful and somewhat addicting Web 2.0 sites that include YouTube and CollegeHumor.com. These are sites that people can put videos or pictures up for all to see. Man, there is some crazy shit out there. Just search for “Chocolate Rain” or “Chad Vader” on YouTube. I find these sites to be harmless for the most part. Although I have heard stories of people having videos posted of them against their wishes and has caused harm to them. My opinion? Don’t be in a position to have these situations filmed in the first place!

This is MY story. Everyone else has a different one when it comes to uses of Web 2.0 and the effects it’s had on them. I won’t even get into pre-teens, teens and young adults and their uses of social networking sites. I’ve heard horror stories of kids traveling around the world to meet others they have met online. Here’s a story that Dr.Phil had recently. You can see the roundup here.



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