Dumbfounded One

Trying to understand it all.

recovering alcoholic by day, paint huffer by night

Damn, paint is good. Anyone remember photostat? Uh huh… I thought so. Too bad I wasn’t writing this in marker.
Kidding, of course.
We’re painting and it looks like we might be done for the night. My knee is giving out again, but it’s worth it (getting the painting done). For some reason, “Family Guy” is on and I haven’t become violent or changed the channel.  Ok, I’m watching The Shopping Network now (at least it’s better than “Family Guy”….. fuck, I hate that show).
Our great friend Lina was over earlier and left a few minutes ago. We love that girl. As I’m sure she thinks of me (us), we love her through the bad and the good. 18 years worth of stories to tell to anyone that will listen.
Today, work was work.
I’m looking forward to playing with Marcus and the boys next Wednesday. I’ll bring Nipsey Russell with me and we should have a blast.
Has anyone ever considered writing a top notch “Brave New World” script and having Spielberg direct? Thing’ is, Mr. Katie Holmes would probably have to play “The Savage”.
Why the hell, every time you see WWII footage, did Kamikaze’s have helmets on?
Kinda’ makes you think.

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