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Heath Ledger’s death

I agree with this posting, yet HATE the subject. What the fuck are we, as people, doing? Get over it people.
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If anyone….. hmmm…… (I wonder who can do this) can shut their site down, please do it. Go for it. http://www.godhatesfags.com

Dancing on Heath Ledger’s grave

Article from: Sunday Herald Sun

    January 27, 2008 12:00am

    I WAS shocked and dismayed this week at the passing of Aussie actor Heath Ledger.

    And while most of us spent our days quietly grieving at the loss of a talented actor, ambassador for our country and father of two-year-old Matilda, vicious hatemongers were busy planning to picket the man’s funeral.

    The Westbro Baptist Church – and Fred Phelps, a man who calls himself a reverend – announced plans on its disgraceful website godhatesfags.com to protest at the funeral of Ledger for his appearance in Brokeback Mountain.

    They said that his portrayal of a homosexual cowboy in the film meant he was a pervert and deserved to go to hell for his “sins”.

    Brokeback Mountain is about gay men yes, but ultimately it is a love story.

    It so happens that the two people who fall in love are men.

    But instead of praising the tale of unrequited love and the ebb and flow of human interaction, protesters focused on the fact Heath and Jake kissed.

    Big deal.

    And now that the brilliant actor who played a role in that movie has died, the bottom feeders who spread their messages of hate in the name of God are doing the most disgraceful, disrespectful, abhorrent thing they could do.

    They will dance on his grave.

    How, in this day and age, can we still have neanderthals who think this way?

    Sexuality is only one facet of who we are and most people fall somewhere on a line from gay to straight.

    It is not even relevant to label a person, gay, straight, bi-sexual or otherwise.

    And yet we can’t seem to help ourselves.

    We can’t resist the urge to label because, once we label, we remove any threat by categorising a person as man, woman, transgendered or gay, straight, bisexual.

    People who resist these archetypes are dangerous, we don’t like them.

    I refuse to be put in a box like this. If I meet the love of my life and it happens to be a woman, so be it.

    The determinist approach to categorising people is outdated and should be relegated to a time when phrenology and eugenics were pondered.

    I often wonder why people such as the “Rev” Phelps and his supporters have such a repulsive reaction to the idea of two men making love.

    Are they disgusted because part of them yearns to be able to break out of the labels they have created for themselves?

    Why are they hell-bent on proving just how “straight” they are by boycotting the funeral of an actor who portrayed a homosexual?

    It is just ludicrous and it makes my blood boil.

    This generation is more resistant to labels. The kiss between Ledger and Gyllenhaal won the MTV hottest screen kiss award the year the movie “came out”.

    We won’t be pinned down to a sexuality, an idea of what it means to be hetero, homo, bi, male or female.

    This generation is merely sexual.

    If Ledger is buried on Aussie soil in his home town of Perth and those grubs decide to show up here, I hope their reception is less than welcoming.


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