Dumbfounded One

Trying to understand it all.

Day 5 – Part 2



I can NOT get over the outpouring of support from my friends and family as I go through this VERY difficult time. People from high-school, middle school (thanks Sarah), friends, family and most of all my wife.

My appetite is becoming that of legend here. I not only have a stamp on my nametag that says I get second helpings of everything, I sweet talked the millitant, bitter German woman behind the counter and she now gives me thirds if I want.

The lack of meds today has been ok. My shaking returned for a little bit this afternoon, but I was able to get all three helpings of Shepards Pie into me. Along with two bagels, two bowls of cereal, a rice crispy square, 4 boiled eggs, two turkey cutlets, 4 oatmeal cookies, a bowl of soup, an egg salad sandwich, rice pudding and a bowl of ice cream. I usually beg the nursing station for another sandwich around 11pm, so add that to the mix.

You may have noticed all the egg products. My room smells like it has a sulpher spring right in the middle of the floor. Or, as someone else put it “it smells like a camel gave birth in your room”.

With all the food and smoking I’ve been doing, I woke up feeling like Bob Dylan slept in my mouth.

Security is closing this room….. gotta go.


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