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Great blog – Stuff White People Like


My buddy Marcus sent me a link to a great blog. It’s called “Stuff White People Like“. It’s actually really well done (and no, not offensive… you know me).

As a side note, I am in attempt to stop using the word “actually”.

As for my Oddest thing I said today

“Fuck the wheel, coffee is the best invention ever”

Has anyone ever noticed what my top post of all time is? I swear, it’s weird. When people end up on one of my pages using a search engine (like Google, MSN, yahoo), I can see what they entered that took them to the certain page. “dog penis” is the most common search term that get people here. Today alone, these are the search terms.

Search Engine Terms

These are terms people used to find your blog.


Search Views
ikea dog 2
dog penises 2
snow in toronto march 2008 1
u2 at red rocks 1983 date 1
johnny knoxville 1
dog penis filetype:jpg 1
90210 1

I better not be under investigation by CSIS or the FBI for promoting pictures of dog penises. Oh shit! Just by putting those words together will garner me more hits…. I have to stop.


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