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My new iTouch… I’m an idiot.


Ok, so I bought an iTouch on Saturday. Due to Apple screwing up my computer with a faulty update of iTunes, I had to reformat my computer, reinstall iTunes, blah, blah, blah. Anyway, it was Sunday afternoon before I could use my new purchase and I was ecstatic! What a wonderful new toy I had. Wait… what’s this? A suck ass battery life? I knew the iPhones were horrible on battery life, but I never expected the iTouch to suffer the same problem. It’s now Wednesday and as of this evening (after charging all last night), I’m down to 10% life left. And I worked 10 hours today! It’s not like I played it at all today. This sucks… wait, what’s that Patrick? huh? You mean that “locking it” doesn’t mean it’s turned off? That button on the top left side will turn it off completely? Wow, I didn’t see that.

You know… for being on for 3 days straight, the iTouch has GREAT battery life!


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