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Dumbfoundedone… circa 1983

Meat is murder....... tasty, tasty murder!

Recently, I sent a link to a few good friends of mine that I had WAYYYYYYYY back in grade 9. It was a link to a video showing the disrepair of my old high-school, North Toronto Collegiate Institute (see video here). One buddy in particular had a classic response. Here, in whole, are the e-mail’s that went back and forth between H.S. and I.

DFO – “Hey guys, here’s a video to go with my pictures. Cathy nailed the state of disrepair.

H.S. – ” Hey Matt, Thanks for the link. I don’t remember quite so much paint-over-grafitti on the lockers back in our day! I wonder if part of the ‘smell’ of high school Catherine speaks of is part of the Biology experiment you ran in Grade 9 (remember the orange you left in one of the empty lab counters in September that we checked on at the end of that year?! That was some funky mold growing!).
At the end of the video, when she started singing the school song, it instantly transported me back to Red and Grey days! Scary that I still remember part of the song! H.S.”

DFO- “Hey H.S., Would you mind if I took selected quotes from your last message and posted them on my blog? I had COMPLETELY forgotten about that damn orange. Don’t forget my roast beef sandwich in my locker in grade 8. Shriveled up and turned into jerky.”

H.S.- “Hey Matt, You’re welcome for the reminder! That was some pretty special fuzz growing in that cupboard!! Not only do I remember the roast beef jerky sandwich but I remember you filling an entire green garbage can emptying out your locker at the end of the year! H.S.”

This, people, is me. Not much has changed. I’m still the wild and crazy guy I was back when I was 13. Thanks Huggo…. I needed to be reminded.

Dumbfoundedone… also known as Matt


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