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Apparently, this picture is a new hit on Flickr.com. It’s of Dory, our 2 1/2 year old fat cat (that we watch her weight), and comments are flowing in.

By the way… it is presented “as is”. No editing took place here. I only have a “point and shoot”. I just keep clicking, and clicking, and clicking…..


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Garbage night…

Mrs. Dumbfoundedone found humor in my “garbage night attire”. I don’t see what’s so funny. Heh, then again, I have been sick for a week.

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Anatomy of a shave

First picture…. me, tired and unshaven

Next… the initial trimming.

Ready for the shave.

Apres shave. The result. Ouch.

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Holy shit!

I had 274 hits yesterday. The most I have had on any given day, by far! It has put me above 6000 hits and I am so grateful.  As a “thank you” I will now post my favorite picture of all time.

Yes, I truly LOVE this picture.

As a side note, here’s my new coffee table that took me 1 1/2 hours to put together last night.

Ignore my cat (Dory) licking her genitals in the background.

Hey! Do you know why cat’s lick their genitals? BECAUSE THEY CAN!

As a side, side note. I FINALLY got the album I have been looking for for years. And here it is…

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Dumbfoundedone… circa 1983

Meat is murder....... tasty, tasty murder!

Recently, I sent a link to a few good friends of mine that I had WAYYYYYYYY back in grade 9. It was a link to a video showing the disrepair of my old high-school, North Toronto Collegiate Institute (see video here). One buddy in particular had a classic response. Here, in whole, are the e-mail’s that went back and forth between H.S. and I.

DFO – “Hey guys, here’s a video to go with my pictures. Cathy nailed the state of disrepair.

H.S. – ” Hey Matt, Thanks for the link. I don’t remember quite so much paint-over-grafitti on the lockers back in our day! I wonder if part of the ‘smell’ of high school Catherine speaks of is part of the Biology experiment you ran in Grade 9 (remember the orange you left in one of the empty lab counters in September that we checked on at the end of that year?! That was some funky mold growing!).
At the end of the video, when she started singing the school song, it instantly transported me back to Red and Grey days! Scary that I still remember part of the song! H.S.”

DFO- “Hey H.S., Would you mind if I took selected quotes from your last message and posted them on my blog? I had COMPLETELY forgotten about that damn orange. Don’t forget my roast beef sandwich in my locker in grade 8. Shriveled up and turned into jerky.”

H.S.- “Hey Matt, You’re welcome for the reminder! That was some pretty special fuzz growing in that cupboard!! Not only do I remember the roast beef jerky sandwich but I remember you filling an entire green garbage can emptying out your locker at the end of the year! H.S.”

This, people, is me. Not much has changed. I’m still the wild and crazy guy I was back when I was 13. Thanks Huggo…. I needed to be reminded.

Dumbfoundedone… also known as Matt

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hello everyone!

Hello everyone. It’s me… Dumbfoundedone. It’s been a while since I have written anything of interest. When I started this blog, I figured that I would be writing interesting stories, comments and whatnot daily. As it is, my blog has become a way for me to show YouTube videos that I find to be of interest. As much as I enjoy doing this, I promise that this site will become more interesting. As soon as I get my 4000th hit, I will be changing the layout and content of this site. As of now, I’m sitting at 3800 hits and I figure that within the next couple of days, the change will be made.
So… stay tuned for the changes. I hope you’re looking forward to it as much as I am.

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dumbfoundedone to do a podcast?



It’s true. I now have the ability to do a podcast and even stream it LIVE over the Internet. People will be more than welcome to call in and chat with yours truly. Obviously, the podcast will be available for download after the fact.

I’m excited about this, and SO SHOULD YOU!

I’ll let you know when it will be happening. It will be soon.

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