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Funniest shit I have seen all day.

I was just walking home from dinner and there was a drunk guy on the corner of my major intersections. He kinda’ looked like Dog The Bounty Hunter. He was swaying around, trying to hail a cab. The first cab he tries to hail turns him down. His response? “Fuck you. I don’t have any money anyway!”. Second cab he tries to hail? Turns him down. His response? “Fuck you, you ___ with your lights on!”. It was racial.

I had gone in to a store to buy cigs, and by the time I came out, he was gone.

As sad as it is, there was humor in it. Trust me, I’ve done some funny shit while drunk. It is sad, yet I admit it’s funny.


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picture of the week

Just remember one thing. All my POTW are un-touched. Taken as is.

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