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I’m tired of this shit.

I, personally, am getting tired of the bullshit “humor” surrounding a “black man” being President of the United States Of America. For all you “humorists” out there commenting on Mr. Obama.

Shut the fuck up!

Oh…. and I am Canadian.


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Bands I wish I sucked as good as they do.

Ok, this is a new “subject posting”. As a semi musician, I admire many bands. Laugh as you might, but I like bands like Foo Fighters, The Who, Pink Floyd, Stan Getz, R.E.M., Tears For Fears, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Nirvana and even bands like Belle and Sabstien, Badly Drawn Boy, Modest Mouse and Peter, Bjork and John. Yet, there are bands that I think SUCK ASS. This new topic will point out such bands. There’s a twist though. Even though I think these bands suck, I think they are great as musicians. Hence the title “Bands I wish I sucked as good as they do”. First up…


Canadian band that sucks. OK, except for “Spirit Of Radio” and “Tom Sawyer”. I’ll give them those two. Their songs irritate me beyond belief, yet I think as musicians, I think they rock. Even though I think Geddy Lee’s balls are being nibbled on by piranhas while singing, the dude has skillz. Also, he’s a great bassist. Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart also rock their instruments as if Bill and Ted were channeling them personally. So, why do I detest them as such? No idea. Maybe by the end of my/these specific postings, I’ll be able to explain.


***Next up: The Rolling Stones

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i am candian! – PICTURE OF THE DAY


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