Dumbfounded One

Trying to understand it all.

Funniest shit I have seen all day.

I was just walking home from dinner and there was a drunk guy on the corner of my major intersections. He kinda’ looked like Dog The Bounty Hunter. He was swaying around, trying to hail a cab. The first cab he tries to hail turns him down. His response? “Fuck you. I don’t have any money anyway!”. Second cab he tries to hail? Turns him down. His response? “Fuck you, you ___ with your lights on!”. It was racial.

I had gone in to a store to buy cigs, and by the time I came out, he was gone.

As sad as it is, there was humor in it. Trust me, I’ve done some funny shit while drunk. It is sad, yet I admit it’s funny.


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dumbfoundedone 2.0


All New… This Monday! Monday, Monday, MONDAY! The all new DUMBFOUNDEDONE 2.0!

Same Bat time…… Well, you know the rest…. Oh, you don’t? Ok, it goes like this. “Same Bat Time… Same Bat Channel.”.

I have a few words for some of you out there..

I don’t think you realize how much I love you guys. More importantly, I love myself. I’ve lost touch with how about I go about doing that again (loving myself), but I’m sure that I will find it again.

When I say “I love you guys”, it means those of you that are in my life right now. Patti, Sherrie…. you lead the brigade…………..

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Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year to all!
And remember, Don’t pass out drunk with asshole friends that have access to cigarette butts, shaving cream, make-up and a banana.
And no, I took it from the ‘net. THE PIC IS NOT OF ME!

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In the middle of it all.


I’m slipping as we speak.

I’m watching my Sister’s 50th Birthday on DVD and if it weren’t for my past discrepancies, I would have to say that I’m having a blast right now.

This brings me to a question. I am an alcoholic. I’m having a blast at what I’m doing right now, no harm no foul. Is this a bad thing or not?

BTW, The picture is of Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas.

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