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Apparently, this picture is a new hit on Flickr.com. It’s of Dory, our 2 1/2 year old fat cat (that we watch her weight), and comments are flowing in.

By the way… it is presented “as is”. No editing took place here. I only have a “point and shoot”. I just keep clicking, and clicking, and clicking…..


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hello everyone!

Hello everyone. It’s me… Dumbfoundedone. It’s been a while since I have written anything of interest. When I started this blog, I figured that I would be writing interesting stories, comments and whatnot daily. As it is, my blog has become a way for me to show YouTube videos that I find to be of interest. As much as I enjoy doing this, I promise that this site will become more interesting. As soon as I get my 4000th hit, I will be changing the layout and content of this site. As of now, I’m sitting at 3800 hits and I figure that within the next couple of days, the change will be made.
So… stay tuned for the changes. I hope you’re looking forward to it as much as I am.

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Flickr update – by request


Hey Dumbfoundedites! I’ve updated my Flickr page upon request.

Please find it here.

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