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The many uses of Marijuana



I recently came across some Handspun Antique Hemp Nightgowns – I now know why Pot is illegal

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My fiancee deals in antiques & I help him on the side. I went to an estate sale & purchased a bunch of handspun cloth nightgowns from the 1820s/30s era. The woman at the sale was telling me about the process of how the woman made the cloth from hemp & showing me the beautiful tiny details of their work.

There was not a hole in ANY of the fifteen I purchased. They were thick & sturdy. I brought them home & gently washed them with some oxyclean & put a little fabric softner in with them. They came out white & beautiful.

I was awe-struck. I have always known, intectually, that hemp was suppossed to make great clothing & it has a million & one other uses as well. But, it wasn’t until I put my hands on these nearly 200 YEAR OLD pieces of fabric that I realized why industry would want to fight this plant. It lasts, if not forever, then for a couple of life-times or more. How on earth would they be able to generate profit, if we weren’t wearing holes in our Chinese factory made clothing every two weeks? And, of course, this is a plant that anyone could grow, it is a WEED. If it was used as fuel source (as I was told it would be a excellent use for…), how would they ever profiteer once the average person figured out how to make hemp oil, or each local community had a grower who would supply the fuel. Where would the oil billionaires be?

It is absolutely CRIMINAl that this plant is illegal. How DARE they take away such a valuable resource that could provide such benefit for people & the earth, at a low cost?

I have always been for the full legalization of Marijuana. Now, I think I will be more then for it, I will become a advocate & activist. And, I am going to start carrying one of the nightgowns in my car for show & tell. I am convinced, if people saw what this would do first hand, the laws would be demanded to change.


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Dude, where’s my car?

At what point are you so transfixed on what you’re doing, that you don’t notice your 3 tonne car has gone missing?

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Ok, it’s getting harder.


Today was a rough day. It started out alright, but I have to admit that my string of sober days has come to an end. When I say sober, I mean days without alcohol. I had some today. Four to be exact. Four tall boys to be even more exacter. I will say one thing in my defense. I knew it wouldn’t be so easy for so long. For all of you that may be reading this, it isn’t an easy thing. You get so used to being a certain way, that it’s almost impossible being another way. Try not swearing ever again. Try not smoking ever again. Try not gossiping ever again. If you can do that with no problem, then even more power to you.

Well, I need to pull up my socks and keep trying. Most people look at this as a relapse. To me, it’s a prolapse. I don’t need to start all over again. I just need to pull up my socks and continue where I left off.

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Dumbledore Gay? I knew it!



Who didn’t know? For god’s sake, the anagram for Albus Dumbledore is “Male bods rule, bud!”

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What Ever Happened To?

I’m glad to see that movies like Shawshank Redemption, Kiss The Girls and Glory were in Morgan Freeman’s future after seeing this again after almost 30 years. I always liked the Electric Company better than Sesame Street.

I guess all actors and actresses have skeletons in their closets.

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Ok, what’s this all about?

I’ve been asking myself why I want a blog… or should I say why I want TO blog. With Pink Floyd screaming in my ear and one of my three cats licking herself right next to me, I would have to say it’s self serving. It could be that I think I’m so interesting, that people will tune in every day to see what I’m up to or what I have to say about current events. Uhh, no. Maybe it’s because I think I can turn the world on to interesting facts and situations that interest me, and therefore should interest everyone else. Definitely not. Maybe it’s because I’m an alcoholic trying to occupy myself with new things so that I don’t slip back into the same funk that I have lived in for the past 14 years. Wow, I knew I would figure it out!

It’s true. The past 14 years have been interesting, difficult, blurry and sad. Keep in mind this is not a “bring out the violins” moment. It’s been 6 days of clear thinking and I couldn’t be happier. Things taste different, smell different and finally make sense. I hear you all right now… “6 days? Call me when it’s been 6 months”. I understand this, but we all have to start somewhere, right? I will be chronicling my recovery through this blog and adding social commentaries along with interesting videos and stories from the ‘net. THIS IS NOT A RECOVERY BLOG! Huh, that should have been the title of this blog page.

As a show of good measure, here is a picture of my sink after I filled it with some dish soap.


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It Starts Here

I’m starting off this blog with something that is dear to my heart. Homelessness.

Some find it to be an inner-city cancer that can’t be cured. Others find it to be curable, with (what will take) a lot of time and effort. Take a look at this video, and decide for yourself.

Is this something we should address or let others worry about?

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