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Funniest thing I have seen tonight….

My wife, flying towards me, hit her shoulder on our record shelf, chasing the cat, and a Gino’s Pizza box heading towards me, yelling “I’m ok”. I can hardly type.


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Bands I wish I sucked as good as they do.

Ok, this is a new “subject posting”. As a semi musician, I admire many bands. Laugh as you might, but I like bands like Foo Fighters, The Who, Pink Floyd, Stan Getz, R.E.M., Tears For Fears, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Nirvana and even bands like Belle and Sabstien, Badly Drawn Boy, Modest Mouse and Peter, Bjork and John. Yet, there are bands that I think SUCK ASS. This new topic will point out such bands. There’s a twist though. Even though I think these bands suck, I think they are great as musicians. Hence the title “Bands I wish I sucked as good as they do”. First up…


Canadian band that sucks. OK, except for “Spirit Of Radio” and “Tom Sawyer”. I’ll give them those two. Their songs irritate me beyond belief, yet I think as musicians, I think they rock. Even though I think Geddy Lee’s balls are being nibbled on by piranhas while singing, the dude has skillz. Also, he’s a great bassist. Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart also rock their instruments as if Bill and Ted were channeling them personally. So, why do I detest them as such? No idea. Maybe by the end of my/these specific postings, I’ll be able to explain.


***Next up: The Rolling Stones

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Humming along to “I’m coming up” by Puff Daddy and Mase today, I got to wondering. If James Hatfield from Metallica was in his car and the song “All that she wants” from Ace Of Base came on, would he sing along with it?

Hmm, makes you wonder.

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I found out tonight that a “story” from my grandmother (Kathleen O’Sullivan brn: 1900) might actually be true. Apparently she was the model for the Princess Gates for the CNE Toronto. For the 18 years I knew her, she may not have been talking shit after all. Way to go, Gramma!

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MySpace, the anti-christ!

Please only watch this if you know about the 8 girls that lured another girl to a house to beat her senseless, only to put it on YouTube as a trophy piece.

Let me put it this way. If someone is old enough to drive and fight in the army, they should be persecuted as adults.

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Goodbye Sarah

Goodbye Sarah

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Sarah, please take care. Patti and I will miss you. Enjoy the Cayman’s, and please say hello to Chris.

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Most Ridiculous Hockey Fight Ever

This is fucking intense!

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Crotch Grabber

Crotch Grabber

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Self explanatory…

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Posting the Pogues

I’m listening to “Dirty Old Town” by the Pogues, so I thought I would post a picture of Shane MacGowan. The ears!

And here it is.

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What is, is what is…

Ok… here’s a picture I took a couple of weeks ago. Would you pay to have this in your livingroom? Picture it up on your wall at about 2′ by 3′.

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Picture Of The Week

Bi Level

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Union Station – Toronto, Ontario
April 8th, 2008 5:46pm

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Recording tracks… calling all musicians.

Hello all.

It’s time for another “Dumbfoundedone idea that probably won’t pan out to anything” moment.

I have always wanted to record a song, with a full band, using the Internet. Meaning… each instrument is recorded in the warmth of everyone’s own home, separately, then e-mailed (or something) to the producer that will put all tracks together to form the song. Ultimately, an original song would be ideal, but seeing as this is a new idea, maybe a cover song (I’m partial to Pink Floyd’sFearless” right now) would be best to at least start things off with.

Any takers? I know a few of the regular DFO readers are musicians (that I know personally) so please let me know! Even Mr. or Mrs. Joe or Jane Doe in Australia or South Korea are welcome to brainstorm this with me. Any help is appreciated.

AND PLEASE NOTE!!! Even the most basically trained (read: 3 chords) people are welcome to participate.


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World’s only full-bearded woman!

Ok, so there’s all this hype about the so-called “pregnant man”. Let me quote “The Business Of Television” web-site.

After an appearance on Oprah Winfrey’s show “Oprah”.

“Beattie, 34, grew up female but transitioned to life as a man 10 years ago. While Beattie did have testosterone treatments and breast-removal surgery, he kept his reproductive organs intact because, he told Winfrey, he “always wanted a child.”

Guess what people… I took a birth control pill today, and I am now the only full-bearded woman in the world!

This reminds me of the “poor man’s circus” I went to as a child. It included “the world’s tallest midget” and the “fattest anorexic woman”.

Give me a break.

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Dumbfoundedone… circa 1983

Meat is murder....... tasty, tasty murder!

Recently, I sent a link to a few good friends of mine that I had WAYYYYYYYY back in grade 9. It was a link to a video showing the disrepair of my old high-school, North Toronto Collegiate Institute (see video here). One buddy in particular had a classic response. Here, in whole, are the e-mail’s that went back and forth between H.S. and I.

DFO – “Hey guys, here’s a video to go with my pictures. Cathy nailed the state of disrepair.

H.S. – ” Hey Matt, Thanks for the link. I don’t remember quite so much paint-over-grafitti on the lockers back in our day! I wonder if part of the ‘smell’ of high school Catherine speaks of is part of the Biology experiment you ran in Grade 9 (remember the orange you left in one of the empty lab counters in September that we checked on at the end of that year?! That was some funky mold growing!).
At the end of the video, when she started singing the school song, it instantly transported me back to Red and Grey days! Scary that I still remember part of the song! H.S.”

DFO- “Hey H.S., Would you mind if I took selected quotes from your last message and posted them on my blog? I had COMPLETELY forgotten about that damn orange. Don’t forget my roast beef sandwich in my locker in grade 8. Shriveled up and turned into jerky.”

H.S.- “Hey Matt, You’re welcome for the reminder! That was some pretty special fuzz growing in that cupboard!! Not only do I remember the roast beef jerky sandwich but I remember you filling an entire green garbage can emptying out your locker at the end of the year! H.S.”

This, people, is me. Not much has changed. I’m still the wild and crazy guy I was back when I was 13. Thanks Huggo…. I needed to be reminded.

Dumbfoundedone… also known as Matt

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Bitchin’ rad layout!

Check it out, y’all! My new digs. This is the layout I have wanted for a while, and this is how it will stay.
The response to my last post was overwhelming, and I hope to bring new and exciting articles and whatnot more frequently as I try to bring this site into what it was created for. Information.
The picture above is from the original Planet Of The Apes. I have no idea why I chose it to head the re-vamp, but I did, and it’s staying that way.
I just wanted to say thank you for allowing me to make it to 4000 hits here. I started this as a replacement for my leaving Facebook, but I have found that i enjoy this WAY more than anything Facebook ever offered me.
I’ll be back tomorrow with something new and exciting for you all to mentally digest, and verbally shit back out.
Take care, peeps!

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