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More New Years Wishes

May you party like it’s 1979!


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Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year to all!
And remember, Don’t pass out drunk with asshole friends that have access to cigarette butts, shaving cream, make-up and a banana.
And no, I took it from the ‘net. THE PIC IS NOT OF ME!

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Picture Of The Week


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The Presurfer: The Evil Eye

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little superstar

I can’t believe that I haven’t posted this before.

You need to see this to believe.

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Happy Holidays!


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picture of the week


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Mr. 101

This is taken from the show “The Year Without a Santa Claus”. It’s my favorite Christmas tv program of all time.

C’mon, sing along!

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happy anniversary sweetie!

Thank you sweetie. You have been my best friend and wife for four years today. I hope that I can give you the support, compassion, caring and love that you have given me, for the rest of your life. I’m not an easy person to be with, yet the fact that you take the bad with the good is a testament to your nature. I love you now, I will love you forever and in a way, I loved you before I met you.
You complete me!
Ok, that was a joke.
I love you Patti.

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is dumbfoundedone picking up the axe again?

Yes, the rumors are true. I will be playing in a group again starting in January. All hail the axe god, dumbfoundedone.
Thanks Marcus. And thank you Cleveland! Goodnight!

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Lip Dub – Flagpole Sitta by Harvey Danger

They did this video one night after work. They’re a company called Connected Ventures, a group of friends who work for: Vimeo, CollegeHumor, Busted Tees, and Defunker.Pretty damn cool.

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The Beatles did Stairway To Heaven?

From the early 90’s Australian TV show The Money Or The Gun by The Beatnix, Australian Beatles Tribute Band.

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Nancy and I are hooked on heroin


I heard this years ago (about 8 to be exact), and I just rediscovered it today. It’s a speech by Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan from about 20-25 years back.

Click here.

Left click to hear it now, right click to save it.

Yes it’s edited, dumbass!

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and i came back from Nashville, why?



View from my house. December 16th, 2007. 4:30pm.

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Puttin’ on the foil for old time hockey!

This is amazing. My line brawl hockey fight that I taped a month ago, has hit 2000 hits on YouTube. To celebrate, I bring you a game from April 8th, 1971. Leafs vs. Rangers.

If you watch long enough, you’ll see Vic Hadfield had thrown Bernie Parent’s mask into the stands and the New York crowd wouldn’t give it back. Parent had to leave the game, because he didn’t have a back-up mask.

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na na na… batman!


Dumbfoundedone used to have this recurring dream where he was Batman, and was being chased through his elementary school playground by the Joker. The thing is, in these dreams, my legs felt like they were made of lead and I couldn’t outrun him. Guess when I stopped having these dreams? In 1994. Right after I got my Batman tattoo. Weird huh?

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picture of the week

I have decided that every Saturday night, I will post a picture that I have taken and label it as “picture of the week”. I have over 5000 pictures and I have lots to choose from.

Check out my Flickr account for more pics of mine.


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7,525,690 hits. What the fuck am I doing wrong?

Numa Numa.

This dude found an obscure song from Czechoslovakia , learned the words, mimed them on web cam and now has over 7,500,000 hits on YouTube. Maybe I need to do my lip-sync of Clay Aiken’s “Invisible” and tape it. 12,000,000 hits, guaranteed.

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i did it!

Holy crap! I just found this on YouTube. I didn’t even know that this video existed. It’s my #1 song of all time. It’s by Faith No More and Boo Yaa T.R.I.B.E. from the Judgment Night soundtrack. Movie sucked ass, but what a song.

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1000 hits…. are you kidding me?



Right now I’m at 1010 hits on this page.


Thank you all.



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kelly bilan – drummer extraordinaire

This is my Nephew Kelly. I keep telling people how good he is, but I always get the response… “yeah, yeah, yeah”

Here’s the proof. Fastest feet I have ever heard. Double bass drum master.

Oh, and by the way. He was only 15 when he recorded this a year and a half ago.

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i am candian! – PICTURE OF THE DAY


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no idea why i am laughing so hard.


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stop the insanity!

God, please……… noooooooooo!

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there’s a reason for this one


As some of you know, I was in a band called Valiant Green from 1993-1994. We had a singer named Charlie that I have lost contact with over the years. I’m hoping one day that he will Google “Valiant Green” and come to this site.

Charlie, if you ever do read this, I have one question. To prove it’s you, what instrument did you bring to your “audition”?

Sorry to waste the average viewer’s time with this post, but this is important to me.

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choreography… a lost talent

choreography at it’s best

a little shout out to my friend Sinu!

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Nephews and whatnot….


My nephew Kelly is over right now. We saw “We Will Rock You” tonight together and it was fanfuckingtastic!

And…. There is video of the cab ride home, but you have to wait to see it.

Until next time….


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Flickr update – by request


Hey Dumbfoundedites! I’ve updated my Flickr page upon request.

Please find it here.

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Hanukkah Hams



Balducci’s offers ham for Chanukah

Thursday, December 6th 2007, 4:00 AM

Balducci’s in Greenwich Village advertises tasty boneless spiral ham as ‘Delicious for Chanukah.’ Store blamed a clerk for the gaffe.

Oy vey! Pork for Chanukah?

The Greenwich Village gourmet grocery store, Balducci’s, has become the butt of the Jewish holiday by advertising its boneless hams as “Delicious for Chanukah.”

Manhattan novelist Nancy Kay Shapiro, 46, spotted the kosher faux pas while browsing the meat section Saturday at the chain’s outpost at Eighth Ave. and W. 14th St.

When Shapiro went back Sunday, she took photos of the unorthodox display promoting boneless spiral-cut hams for $8.99 a pound, petite smoked hams for $6.99 a pound and boneless smoked hams for $6.29 a pound.

Instead of pointing out the mistake to management, she posted the snapshots on her blog to “amuse others.”

“I just thought it was funny,” Shapiro, a self-described “unobservant Jew,” said. “I wasn’t offended in any way. I just thought, here’s somebody who knows nothing about what Jews eat.”

Shapiro said that when she went back to the store Tuesday, the first night of Chanukah, the signs had vanished.

A Balducci’s official was so verklempt about the error he didn’t want to speak on the record. He fessed up that “it was a mistake,” blaming it on a stock clerk who normally doesn’t work the meat department.

He referred all other questions to the company’s marketing department in Connecticut.

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Is 90210 really that bad?



It’s 8pm and as most of my days go, I just finished watching 90210. I also watch Dr.Phil and Extreme Home Makeover: Home Edition. Keep in mind, I am a male. I like these shows.


Ya’ know what? I’m tired. Blog done.


Happy Birthday Sherrie!

***Ed. note – I’m not drunk***

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Thinking… thinking…

Ok, I know I need to write a post that can either make people think, make people laugh or make people cry. But… I’m drawing a blank. Recent events have left Dumbfoundedone speechless. For those of you that know me (Lina, Michele, Katie), that is an amazing feat. It’s not often that I have NOTHING to say.

In saying that, I will resort to something that I never thought I would resort to.

I now present to you… Tay Zonday!

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