Dumbfounded One

Trying to understand it all.

Day 4

Ok, here I am on day 4. The Valium doses are getting smaller and smaller and I’m really glad for it. Mr.Jellylegs is starting to disappear and I’m starting to think straight.

It looks like I’ll be out of here on Monday, so I’m quite happy about that. The process has been ok, but rough none the less. I’ve gained 7lbs in 4 days (I needed it) and I am eating like a horse (although in all reality, I have no idea how much a horse eats).

The people in with me and are really cool. It’s hard to watch the new people come in in such rough shape. It’s hard to believe that That was me 4 days ago.

My shaking is down to a minimum and I couldn’t be happier.

Well, until tomorrow…


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Day 2

This PC sucks, but that’s the only bad thing I have to say about here so far.

More tomorrow, when the valium wears off a little

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I’m going to rehab… yeah, yeah, yeah

It’s true. I’m heading to medical detox tomorrow to try and nip this problem in the bud. I’m saying it loud, I’m saying it proud. I am an alcoholic. Well, the proud part doesn’t come from being an alcoholic, it’s from the fact that it’s about fucking time that I take care of this shit and I’m acting on it.
Wish me luck people.

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Happy Birthday, George Harrison

George would have been 65 today.
Rest in peace buddy.

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German Midget Laughing At A Camel

This is the WEIRDEST shit I have ever run across on the video sites. A german little person (sorry for using “midget” in the title, I just figured it would get more hits), laughing at a camel. Way too odd.

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Mr.Rogers Censored

This is hilarious! What a potty mouth on Mr. Fred Rogers.

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picture of the day


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Picture Of The Week

Patti And Willie Nelson

Originally uploaded by Dumbfoundedone

Patti And Willie Nelson

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Westboro Baptist Church – Rebuttal

Just watch the videos. I am So pissed right now that I can’t write a description.

By the way, I have researched this and all the facts are straight.

Part 2 actually made me cry.

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Lip Dubbing: Crazy on Vimeo

Jakob Lodwick is my guy. He was seen in “Flagpole Sitta‘” towards the end with the SILF shirt on.
note to self for future lipdubs: – calm down a little; embrace subtlety – do more stuff with the eyes (like Eric’s Air video) – make sure the earbuds are in properly! anyone else have suggestions? I’m opening this up for scrutiny.

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oddest thing i said today

This the beginning of a new post I will put up occasionally.

Oddest thing I said today!

Here we go.


“That’s like sitting outside an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting and filming the people coming out, in hopes that you can catch someone on America’s Most Wanted!”

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New York Dolls – Phoenix Concert Theatre – Toronto

As posted earlier, I went to see the New York Dolls this week. Two words.


The first video here, I was about 10 feet behind the person that shot it.

This is a better quality video from the same night.

David Johansen and Sylvain Sylvain still have it.

I was there. I got the T-shirt.

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It’s about time

Hacker breaks link between iTunes and the iPod

Software letting iTunes users copy music and video to mobile phones has been released by the hacker known as DVD Jon

A notorious Norwegian hacker known as DVD Jon is preparing for another run-in with the music industry after he released software that lets iPod owners copy music and videos bought from iTunes and play it on other devices.

The program allows people to drag and drop songs from iTunes into a folder on their desktop, which in turn copies the files to other devices such as mobile phones and games consoles via the web.

In doing so, the software breaks the copy protection – known as ‘digital rights management’ or DRM – that is built into all music that is bought from iTunes. Music bought from iTunes can be played only on the iPod.

DoubleTwist, DVD Jon’s company, maintains that its service is legal, but lawyers said that Apple would almost certainly seek to shut it down because the law now specifically targeted technologies which attempted to circumvent measures such as DRM.

function pictureGalleryPopup(pubUrl,articleId) { var newWin = window.open(pubUrl+’template/2.0-0/element/pictureGalleryPopup.jsp?id=’+articleId+’&&offset=0&&sectionName=NewsTechWeb’,’mywindow’,’menubar=0,resizable=0,width=615,height=655′); } The hacker has previously enabled iPod owners to play music bought from websites other than iTunes.

DoubleTwist’s new software will initially enable files to be copied to Nokia N-series mobile phones, Sony Ericsson’s Walkman and Cybershot handsets, as well as any smartphone powered by Microsoft’s Windows Mobile operating system.

The program gets around Apple’s DRM software by replaying a song in fast-forward and taking a copy of the audio track, using a process similar to that by which a CD is ‘ripped’ – or copied – to a computer.

About a hundred songs can be converted in half an hour, doubleTwist said, although there is a 5 per cent loss of sound quality – about the same as when a CD is copied.

A spokesman for the San Fransisco-based company said that its software was legal, because it only allowed a user who has already purchased music to copy it. “All we are facilitating are friends sending things to one another,” Monique Farantzos, doubleTwists’s chief executive and co-founder, told Reuters.

Lawyers today cast doubt on Ms Farantzos’s claims, however, saying that the law had taken steps to protect Apple’s efforts to control the way its music could be played, and that anyone circumventing measures such as DRM risked being found guilty of copyright infringement.

“I would be astonished if doubleTwist doesn’t get a call from Apple,” Paul Jones, a partner in intellectual property law at the London-based firm Harbottle & Lewis, said.

DVD Jon, whose real name is Jon Lech Johansen, has been an arch-enemy of the music and film indutries ever since he released software which broke the copy protection on Hollywood films, aged 16.

In 2003, Mr Johansen, now 24, developed the first of several programs which attempted to bypass the system developed by Apple for synchronising its iTunes store with iPods, leading to one of a series of run-ins with the firm.

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McCain out….. Obama in

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I’m still pissed.

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Westboro Baptist Church gets pwned

Pwned…. look it up.Watch until the end…… it all makes sense.

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Michael Moore vs Westboro Baptist Church

Even though this was a few years ago…. I appreciate their efforts. Apparently, you can’t reason with stupidity.

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St.Lawrence Market – New is Old again


Originally uploaded by bags4112

I took this in June 2007 at St.Lawrence Market in Toronto. As much I pride myself on my “untouched” pictures, I ran this through some filters and came up with this final result.

I hope you like it.

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Hey Jude….. Little Chinese guy style

Too cute

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Snow in Toronto… News At Eleven

Thanks to Amber Mac for putting this out there first.

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Jackie Moon for Bud Light

Two versions of Jackie Moon’s (Will Farrell) new Bud Light ad.

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Paris Hilton’s new flick may be biggest flop ever

As sick as I am, I still have room to laugh at Paris.

By Herald wire services  |   Wednesday, February 13, 2008  |  http://www.bostonherald.com  |  Star Tracks


Photo by Marc A. Deley

As if things weren’t going badly enough for the Hilton clan what with Barron’s drunken-driving woes, now it turns out that Paris Hilton’s new flick “The Hottie and the Nottie” may be the biggest box-office bomb of all time!

The movie took in just $9,000 dollars last weekend – an average of $81 per screen, according to Splashnews.com.

“And when you consider each theater probably showed the movie about five times a day, then woah there, horsey. We’re talking about a movie that put only two people in theater seats per showing,” said ActressArchives.com. “That’s super-bomb status, the likes of which haven’t been seen since 2004’s ‘National Lampoon’s Gold Diggers.”

The flick, in which Hilton plays a hottie who refuses to mate until her ugly friend does, was universally panned by critics including the Herald, which called it an “ugly duckling story that is more stomach-churning than playful.”

Article URL: http://www.bostonherald.com/track/star_tracks/view.bg?articleid=1073171

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Discus #7 – Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

I absolutely LOVE this guy.

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Stay with it until he gets to “piggy piggy snack snack”

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Barack Obama.


I love that I’m saying this. I now support Barack Obama. He really is the man.

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Huh, what?


Originally uploaded by bags4112

I swear. This actually exists.

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dumbfoundedone to do a podcast?



It’s true. I now have the ability to do a podcast and even stream it LIVE over the Internet. People will be more than welcome to call in and chat with yours truly. Obviously, the podcast will be available for download after the fact.

I’m excited about this, and SO SHOULD YOU!

I’ll let you know when it will be happening. It will be soon.

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Cool Obama video

I may want Hillary to win, but if Obama takes the prize I’m all for him.

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My good friend Simone informed me today that the videos on my site weren’t loading properly. I NEED YOUR FEEDBACK! Tell me when things are broken, ugly, slow and what not. It seems that the template I was using was “graphic heavy” and slowed everything else. I’ve changed to a new template, and am currently working on a new one that will “shock” the blog world.

Oh yeah, I said shock in parenthesis.

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picture of the week.


Originally uploaded by bags4112

Even though I DID take this picture, I deny it’s existence.

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Father and Son

Father and Son

Originally uploaded by Leo Laporte

This is a picture taken by tech guru Leo Laporte. I had to add it seeing as I think it’s a gorgeous picture. I hope you enjoy.

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Why am I so fucking pissed off?

Watch the previous video, and you’ll see why I’m so pissed off at this guy. Even my God fearing wife can’t understand this asshole.
Yes, I agree… I’m taking this subject to heart.

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